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Joseba Elorza (Spain)

Spanish illustrator and artist Joseba Elorza studied to become sound technician and later spent a couple of unfruitful years in art school. It was all this synesthesic hodgepodge where MiraRuido (Mira = look, see; Ruido = noise) sprang from. Today, the former sound thechnician makes a living with his unique digital collages, blended with humor, fantasy, sci-fi and surrealism. © All images courtesy of the artist

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Ferguson Police Charging Outrageous Fee For Michael Brown Records They Could Provide For Free

Under the state of Missouri’s Sunshine Act, material that is deemed to be in the public’s interest can be provided to individuals and news agencies, if it is deemed to be in the public’s interest to see.

However, the city of Ferguson has decided that materials related to the death of Michael Brown are not in the public’s interest. CBS News reports that requests that they turn over government files related to the murder of the unarmed African-American teenager are being met with exorbitant costs - some more than 10 times that of some of their own employees’ salaries - for the records.

The racist town council of Ferguson is using Michael Brown’s death to fill its coffers. This is absolutely disgusting.

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